Lock and Load we got fresh Stephen King, we got fresh netflix, and some Suspria 2018. The universal monster retrospective continues with the OG werewolf movie Werewolf of London 1935. 

Tom Burton somehow roasting Disney in their own movie. lots of analysis of the craft of filmmaking and criticisms with Dan Gilroys Velvet Buzzsaw. Thomas Wiseau movies back in the fold with Best Friends Vol. 2. We roast a student film for some reason. Finally we talk about probably the peak of our Universal Monsters Retrospective with Bride of Frankenstein. 

Bringing the heat with Zach Levi we're talking SHAZAM! SAY MY NAME. DOC MARCH comes to a gripping conclusion with Peter Jacksons WWI doc, snooooozem, then an epic half hour on Micheal Moores Trumpo doc, maybe his masterpiece. Bump CTE brains disagree on The Invisible man, which by all accounts is a masterpiece. 

Our most elitist film school drop out episode yet, we're talking the merits of what makes Jordan Peele a once in a generation filmmaker with our 'Us' review. We also talk one of the great masters of film, and Buck's hero Orson Welles. We cover the doc, 'They'll Love Me When I'm Dead' and his final film 'The Other Side of the Wind'. The Universal Monsters Retrospective continues with The Mummy!

Talking SUPERHEROES onces again with Brie Larson and de-aging. Doc Martin Doc March rolls on with Robin Williams and an extra Bicentennial Man review. Hell you want more bonus we threw in a free review of Bandersnatch that netflix thing. Not done with Netflix yet we also hit critically acclaimed doc Shirkers. Universal Monsters Retrospective week 2 with Frankenstein. 

Just a couple foul owls on the prowl. Boy talking Robby Rodriguez with the world of Alita. Swing by Doc Martin Doc March Doc Marctin with Fyre and Abducted in Plain Sight for BAD MAN hour. Finally our largest undertaking ever the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS RETROSPECTIVE. Starting with Dracula, listen NOW!

Finally the ROCK as come back to THE POD. Now that the Oscars are over we can talk about superhero movies again, just kidding. Oscar winner Free Solo, and all Oscar winner are discussed inside. We also head on over to Korea for some master cinema. Lastly we swing by the fed to hear the story of WWE's Paige in Fighting With My Family. 

Hey Oscars! Eat My Shorts! 

The boys are here on Oscar Sunday to discuss the BEST PERFORMANCES of 2018.

Movie of the week is Lego Movie 2, Chris Pratt is here to talk about Jesus.

Oscar Nom'd Doc Of Fathers and Sons is here to make you incredibly uncomfortable. 

Let's not forget about Glenn Close and watch this Oscar movie called The Wife, I'm sure it's not super boring being an Oscar movie called The Wife. 

You thought The Predator retrospective was over F NO. Shane Black takes the helm and sh--its out one of the worst things to ever be green lit. 

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Freeway to the Oscars screeching into it's last stretch og highway while also on fire. This week we talk about Liam Neesons new racist movie COLD PURSUIT, double dip in 1/2 star territory with Oscar nom HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING. Don't worry we didn't forget Da Foe like you people usually do. AT ETERNITY'S GATE. The Predator retrospective rolls on with PREDATORS.

When will the freeway to the Oscars end? Is an off ramp in sight? The boys talk some contenders such Shoplifters for foreign, RBG for best Doc, and Border for Makeup. We also continue our Predator retrospective. 

Live from the polar vortex the boys do a rare Sunday record. Freeway to the Oscars heats up with a couple movies that probably should have been nom'd for best picture If Beale Street Could Talk, and Can You Ever Forgive Me? Barry MF Jenkins was robbed!! We also talk fresh M. Night with First name Mr. last name GLASS. Our Predator retrospective continues with Paul WSMF Andersons AVP: full title Alien vs Predator. Take me back to Val Verde. 

The freeway to Oscars rolls on and we don't really talk about any Oscar noms because those picks are insane. We cover COLD WAR again, then THE SISTERS BROTHERS, BLINDSPOTTING, and BOY ERASED. our series of review PREDATOR movies continues, but that might come to a halt because they're all so bad.

Boys on the freeway to the Oscars. Talking VICE, THE FAVORITE (YAAAARGOS), GREEN BOOK. We also start a brand new series, that's right we're heading to val Verde with Predator.

It's that time a year again, the Animated Extravaganza Cincolo. Talking all the animated movies of 2018. Buck's true disdain for all these terrible animated movies really is the listening event of the year. Boy talking Disney side of operation with Ralph Breaks the Internet and Incredibles 2. Head on over to Warner Brothers for Teen Titans Go tot he Movies, and Smallfoot. Across the pond with Aardman and early man, and don't forget the main event Spider-man into the Spider-verse. 

New Year New Pod. The boys are back in town celebrating a very drunk 2 oceans 19. Bring in the new year with a bunch of Netflix flicks, Crazy Rich Asians, and finally finish off the Rocky Series.

The Boys are riled up for some late night pod. Double featuring Aquaman and Bumblebee took a lot out of the lads. We also talk Conjuring with THE NUN. Also Rocky V with a controversial take!

Merry Holidays it's the Christmas Special. Podcast Bot 8000 Sings! The boys dive deep in the new Kurt Russel Netflix Christmas movie, we also talk about Ryan Goslings crazy eye in First Man. Hope you're not tired of docs because we're hitting Three Identical Strangers this week. ROCKY is goes hard in Rocky IV and ends the cold war. 

That's it for festival season this year gang. Boy are we covering a whole bunch we got Jack Black in The Insufferable Groo, alpha predators that are also soft in Wolves Unleashed, paper planes with MATANGI MAYA M.I.A., gender equality directed by a man in  This Changes Everything, the fucked up shit of The Cleaners.

The first CUFF.DOCS recap has arrived. We cover the ups and downs of the fest, arcade games, and olive oil. We talk 5/13 docs this week covering Mr. Fish, the Hal Ashby doc, Slam poetry in Don't Be Nice, and two extremely bad docs called Weed the People and Carmine Street Guitars. 

The boys go in deep on Rocky week but review Rocky 3 and not 4 because we are bad at scheduling. We also talk B Cooper and Lad Gaga on film. New Coen Bros alert, wentalking their new netflix movie and they might be Back Baby!

Bonus Episode: The boys doing some early coverage of Calgary's CUFF DOCS festival. Taking place Nov 28 to Dec 2! Come talk movies with us we will be there all week! Covering coming of age first time feature MINDING THE GAP. Environmental doc RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE, and dive into the strange world of Chinese live streaming with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF DESIRE. 

Podcast bot scheduled us an exteremly political episode talking the new JJ produced WWII horror movie OVERLORD. The boys also talk about how great Spike Lee is and if his new movie BLACKKKLANSMAN deserves to be ranked among his best. BUCKS favorite movie of the year SORRY TO BOTHER YOU goes in deep! ROCKY II also in the mix, SOUTH PAWS OUTTA BE ILLEGAL! 

The Boys talk new releases with Fantastic beasts and the Criminology of Johnny Depp. Bobert Bornhams Eighth Grade, and Hollywood's favourite boy rapist Bryan Singer is back for Bohemian Rhapsody. We also start a brand new series doing a deep dive on the Rocky franshise.

The boys recap the Calgary European Film Festival. Talking all sorts of culture, good movies, bad movies, all well shot movies. We cover a Norwegian kind of werewolf movie. An Italian crime comedy, a polish addiction movie, a Spanish slice of life, and finally a German monochrome biopic. 

November 4, 2018


The Movie Epidemic Podcast breaks off another hundo, and we bring you the BOTTOM 50 worst movies of all time. It's mostly bits, and shitty characters. Cheers to 200 more episode, join our cult! 

Happy Halloween! The boys recap Calgary Underground Film Festivals annual 12 hour horror movie marathon and costume contest. We talk about lack of sleep and some very interesting films. The brand new HELL FEST. More Stephen King with the classic Christine. We also hit Murder Party, and HIGH TENSION. The masterpiece GRADUATION DAY and Rombert Zomberts HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES! 

Movie Epidemic lads covering all the movies called Halloween! We got John Carpenter, Robert Zombert, and David Gordon Green on deck!

These boys be talking, talking 'bout horror films. We recap out screening of Hitchcocks Psycho. Netflix new hit Apostle, and another Purge movie for some reason. Our last Stephen King double feature of the season with CREEEPY Creepshow 2 and the abominable Dark Tower. 

OH WE DONE DID IT. It's the Venom episode, and we are not kind. We also talk Mad Men Alum Rich Sommer in Summer of '84 and that's right, TWO Stephen King flicks! Coke fuled Maximum Overdrive and Bryan Singers classic boy party Apt Pupil. 

THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN! The first offical episode of Spooky-Tober and we have a bucket full of horror movies and also whatever Chadley picked becuase he doesn't respect the rules of the month. As punishment I made him watch CAMP DEATH 3 in 2D. We also cover TWO Stephen King movie SECERT WINDOW and MERCY. We also cover the new Tommy Wiseau movie BEST FRIENDS and the new Chance the Rapper movie SLICE,

That's a wrap! The boy finish there coverage of the Calgary International Film Festival with a variety of wierd stuff. Hope you Lars Heads are ready becuase we cover the new THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. We also hit a cool doc about blues music with SATAN AND ADAM. We find out if New Zealand is a real place in MEGA TIME SQUAD. Buck was tricked once again into watching a shitty David Robert Mitchell movie called UNDER THE SILVER LAKE. We also cover the wierd a wonderful LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT which has an abrupt 50 minute unintrupeted shot that makes you put on 3D glass mid way through the film. 

The second Nic Cagisode of the year, a mere 2 months from the last one. The boys are completely delrious during this late night record session and lots of shitty guests pop in. We talk some canadian movie THE HUMANITY BUREAU, a Bates Motel rip off LOOKING GLASS, and the main event MANDY. Don't worry we didn't forget about Stephen King, we got SILVER BULLET on deck. 

What is this? A day of Soldado????

Welcome to mostly DTV week where we hit new classics Dave Bautistias Final Score and Deep Blue Sea 2: Deeper Bluer.

The Stephen King Marathon runs on with CUJO!

The lads talk Calgary Film festival. In-depth review of SuperGrid, and touch upon various other film picks Assassination Nation, Sharkwater Extinction, Cold War and The Ranger. 

Dropping an extra special episode this week as we canvas our way through the trailers for the Calgary Internationl Film Festival. That's right the boys are ALL IN and you can be too if you head on over to calgaryfilm.com 

We got ourselfs working a Kevin Spacey Boy Party, certinly divining into God's Extended universe, and watching a Gerard Butler action movie where he's decided to give up. Don't worry the road to spooky-tober rolls on with more Stephen King with Issac and The Children of the Corn. WOW jammed packed. 

The boys record a really early podcast for some reason. Buck Remembers to turn on his mic this episode. Stephen King movies keep rolling with Brian DePalmas Carrie. We also hit TAG, Tully, and probably the front runner for Doc Won't you be my Neighbour? 

The one where Morgan Freeman MOWS down aliens begging for their lives. The boys not only watch some wild stephen King movie, but also wrap up the Sharknado franchise, and hopfully the Oceans franchise. Who else shows up you ask? Possibly shitty John Knoxville, and shitty Markus Walhberg???? 

OH NO spooky-tober has begun, that's right it's Stephen King again. We also talk new Scharder and Blumhouse. Boy these production logos are looking fine! Somebody STOP ME! lot of 5 stars on this ep.

Introducing special guest "Shitty Nic Cage". The boys spend more time analyzing the production company logos than the actual movie, and they somehow bring this madness to 90 minutes. 

The lads get are geting TOUGH, MEAN, BRUTAL on the last group of summer blockbusters. Point by point break down for The Meg. Jurassic World Part 2 chat. More Hobbit, and MISSION Impossible. UNDERMINEING the oscars and JIMMY GUNN. 

We got ourselves a Paul Ruddisode. Giddy up cow pokes, there's a lot of butt pokes in this episode. Let's wrangle on up some bad films and try not to slip into a coma partner! 

Party with the Jedis on ketamine. The boys are throwing down a  feature length commentary on one of the worst big budget films of this decade. gang gang. 

Action lads having a fun time running from explosions. I'M YOUR DAD, YOUR DAD, I'M YOUR DAD. The Rock and Drunk Uncle Denzel bless us with their screen time. Branded Content in here baby. LOTR is the first 7 star film? 

TAU TAU TAU. Coming of age more like huuunnngh. You're a mean one mister grinchy. DO NOT SUE US YOU BAST *SCREECH* *CRASH* *BANG* 

The Greatest Indoor Show on EARTH. BOY IT'S A HOT ONE. GOTTI 2 HOTTY. John Cena is a dad, Hereditary is a dad, scary bilbo is not a dad.

Toot Toot Han Solbo was shot with mud on the sucking lens. JON HAMMS BEIRUT. BEIRUT. BEIRUT BABY. FINALLY the Rock has COME BACK to RAMPAGE. The nightmare is over, we have finished the exorcist sequels. Tug that BIG POPPA PUMP. 

Clack Clack The Deathpool King has arrived. Them boy talking a lot of horror with some freshy SODERBERG shot on an iphone 5. Blasting through some Strangers. How many more Exorcist movies will we be forced to watch? All of this is tottatly reasonable. Walton Goggins smells SOUR! 

Boys talking boys talking boys talking bad bad bad films. Bruce Willy and Eli Roth pushing some sludge out of their tight holes. Disney movies might just be tax write offs at this point. John Woo made a tribute to John Woo movies. The DOVES are back baby. Is Exorcist 3 a good sequel? This super sized episode is extra BUCK!

This is a completely BUCK episode. Lads on deck screaming about Deadpool, Fahrenheit 451, and The Exorcist 2, but merely whispering about A Quiet Place. Please use his full name Michael Basketball Jordan. Michael Shannon is good at singing Iggy Pop. Where did you get this graffiti? I WANNA BURN. How is Johnny K gonna make a 5 star film, that's insane! Please buckle in your seat belt that you had installed on a lawn chair. That's my KUNG FU! Chadley is requesting a lawyer for when he got gov'd on this pod.

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