Quarantine special, Chadley very clearly has coronavirus. He is a breeding ground for the virus, he hasn't even showered in 2020. Since we are not allowed to go to the movies, we will be talking Charlie's Angels instead of the scheduled Bloodshot. It's also Doc March so we are talking Netflix originals. Obama made a documentary about Chinese Business, and we also cover the three part doc on Canadian Serial Killer Luka Magnotta. Billy Wilder month rolls on with intense courtroom drama Witness for the Prosecution. 

Nothing comes out in March so the boys are forced to watch a Pixar film, YUCK. That's right we're talking ONWARD. We also get a special visit from Nicholas Michael Jacobs, returning to the pod with his brand new film Tales from Six Feet Under. It's Doc March so we're talking Netflix Original Knock Down the House, and Oscar nominated Doc The Cave. Billy Wilder month rolls on with the classic Noir Double Indemnity.

That's right gang it's Doc March where we do 4 straight weeks of documentaries. As always we cover the biggest new release, and that Blumhouses The Invisible Man. Will it be scary, or are the scares invisible? Documentaries this week include Oscar nom Honeyland, and Netflix Original Bikram yoga doc. March is also Billy Wilder month and it's a big hitter, with the largely parodied Sunset Boulevard.

On this supersized Nic Cagisode the boys talk about SEVEN brand new Nic Cage movies, this guy has been working since our last Cagisode! Featuring the legendary Richard Stanley's return to film with the Color Out of Space. We also talk about a few Johnny Generico Action Flicks such as A Score to Settle, Running with the Devil, Kill Chain, and arguably Primal. Not without it's oddities we also cover Grand Isle and Between Worlds.

Wow now this is a big hitter episode! Highly requested films like Sonic The Hedgehog, fresh off the presses. The most requested film of 2019 that we did everything in our power not to see, yes, it's CATS. The boys also went to premiere of Guns Akimbo in all of it's terrible glory. Don't forget about the Rock doing Devito voice in Jumanji The Next Level. We finish off Spike Lee month with his 3 hour epic, Malcolm X.

On this dire episode Chadley is a second away from death at all times. We do some Oscar talk. We went to an early screening of Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), then didn't review it for two weeks but it bombed so that's okay. Disney dropping a stinky sequel for baby brains and no wonder it bombed, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. One of our big hitter bombs from last year was Terminator Dark Fate, we finally talk about it. Spike Lee month rolls on with Inside Man.

Strange days, strange movies on the pod this week. Absolutely nothing anyone has ever heard of but we are here to inform the masses. It's terrible horror season so let's dive in to the worst of the bunch with The Turning. Oscar nominated For Sama about the Syrian uprising. Shia LaBeouf's semi-autobiographical take on his early life Honey Boy. It's Spike Lee month with his semi-autobiographical take on his early life Crooklyn. 

Black History Month rolls on with some Spike Lee appreciation with his great masterpiece "Do the Right Thing" and his influenced/produced netflix film "See You Yesterday". Guy Ritchie is back to romancing organized crime with The Gentlemen. Wouldn't be a new year with out some fresh Clint white hero films, we talk Richard Jewell. We also cover David Lynchs short netflix film, What did Jack Do?

Januray is over as so is the Wes Anderson month, so we got two Wes films with a special guest. Talking The Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket as well as a Wes Anderson Ranking. We also talk fresh Bad Boy and there ain't no Michael Bay. We also talk a couple Oscar picks with Greta's Little Woman and Jay Roach's Bombshell.

SIX YEARS IN A ROW - The Animated Extravaganza 2019, dubbed HEXOLO. We cover an impressive amount of films in this feature length episode. We covered some of the big ones like Toy Story 4/ Lego Movie Part 2 on the regular episodes, but these are a special brand of trash. Running with some big hitters like Frozen 2, and Dreamworks embarrassing output of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (put a number on it) and Abominable. In case you haven't had enough Yeti talk we also cover the new Laika output, Missing Link. Netflix scoring big with multiple animated Oscar noms, we will be covering I Lost My Body. Sturgill Simpson made an animated Visual Album that's arguably better than every animated movie this year. It's also WES ANDERSON appreciation month so we tag Fantastic Mr. Fox on the show. 

The boys are back with some sort of insane voice modular to make the show truly unlinstanble. It you hated podcastbot before buckle up. We talk OSCAR LOCK 1917, the war movie with a twist. Foreign films are fun let's talk about two that have gotten some hype Pain and Glory which Buck saw at festival months ago, and Netflix purchase Atlantics. Wes is back on the menu with one of his finest outings, The Darjeeling Limited. 

I got 5 on it, it's a New Year same pod. This is 45 minutes on Star Wars spoilers. OSCAR FOR SANDMAN, Uncut Gems is an unreal masterpiece. We also talk about some conservative propaganda with the new Netflix original The Two Popes. The Year of the Director begins with Wes Anderson!

Last episode of 2019, banner year, absolute madness. 52 sold out shows, and we leave you with the scarps of the film season. Dip back into the Netflix well with Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story. We also yell about Mr. Rogers. Chat about an underrated little good time film Ready or Not, and a classic good time film Fast and Furious 6.

It's a wonderful christmas time talking about the bottom of the barrel of films, christmas movies. Two from Netflix with Holiday in the Wild and Klaus, and one from the evil Disney+ overlords called Noelle.

In this house we allow Scorsese to dictate what is cinema, because he is a great master of the art form. We also let A24 run wild on our top 10's because this is a house where art still means something. Rian Johnson is not welcome here, he can take Knives Out and leave if wherever Rambo Last blood lives. We also talk about a legendary action movie that deserves a legendary rating, it's Fast 5 baby. 

Chadley is missing, Buck does a classic solo Doc Recaps. But it's okay because Chadley was mysteriously missing from the festival. We cover Where In The Hell Is The Lavender House: The Longmont Potion Castle Story, never call your doc that ever ever ever. Second we talk Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man, lot of shitting outside. All good we finally got to talk Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. The best doc of the year is clearly J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius.

Well, well, well my babies it a girthy feature length pod. Oh we talk films, good, bad and ugly films. We got some fresh A24 with a title The Death of Dick Long. We also dig deep on some good mangold freedom, with Ford v Ferrari. The DISNEY+ review is here, 45 minutes on this terrible service, and also Lady and the Tramp but who cares about that. It wouldn't be the Movie Epidemic Podcast without a series review so have Fast and Furious, yes the 4th one. 

The boys cover a couple flicks that will be showing at the upcoming CUFF DOCS film festival. The Amazing Johnathan Documentary or the other doc on this strange washed up magician that may be addicted to meth. Also cover QT8 the doc on the first eight films of the legendary Quentin Tarantino.

Just when you thought Stephen King month was over, a fresh one drops. That's right it's our long awaited sequel to one of the greatest horror movies of all time, does it stand up? We also talk fresh Shia with a joyful little indie, the Peanut Butter Falcon. Chadley picked Dora and I may never recover. We also talk part three of the Fast and Furious, it's Tokyo Drift

Be careful shooters, it's Taika Waititi season and you know he's bringing the heat. Eddie is back baby, Dolemite is my Name and fuc, well you know the rest. Netflix is doing Shakespeare now, I guess that's cool. The Fast series continues with arguably the most watchable of the bunch 2 Fast y'all! 

What up outlaws, it's Netflix November we got fresh Soderbergh and some devilish horror movie.  We also have the main event of the evening A24's The Lighthouse with Rob Pat doing some jiz. We got a fresh series for our FAMILY with the Fast and Furious Franchise. 

As quickly as it appeared, Spooky-tober has now ended but not without a bang. We talk brand new Zombieland like anyone was asking for it. Del Toro produced some sort of scary book adaptation, I don't know I don't read. That's ok because Rob Zombie doesn't read either he just makes exploitation flicks. Speaking of books it wouldn't be Spooky-Tober without some Stephen King - so let's dive into the George Romero film The Dark Half.

Spooky-tober bubbles on with a big bag of terrible movies. The creators of Sausage Party should have stayed away from The Addams Family. Octavia Spencer, award winning actress, what are you doing making MA? Blast from the past with a syfy channel original The Banana Splits, and of course we will break down the breaking bad movie. Will Stephen King save of this week with something worth watching? 

Welcome to the Wednesday Show, the best show that has no Chadley. Today we recap the Calgary International Film Festival Documentaries. Well the 3 that I saw. 3 people I have immense respect for; Miles Davis, Danny Trejo and Agnes Varda. 

Rolling into Spookytober, there's not really any horror movies playing this year so we go see a brand new Takashi Miike flick First Love, because nothing says Halloween like a yakuza movie. We also chat TWO Stephen King movies with the new Netflix original In the Tall Grass and the 95 Kathy Bates classic Dolores Claiborne. Finally we get around to reviewing the Child's Play reboot. 

The Horror Recap for the 20th annual Calgary International Film Festival. We light up Spooky-tober with reviews on local horror flicks Z and True Fiction, as well the first Aboriginal Zombie movie Blood Quantum. We also hit Elijah Woods horror comedy Come to Daddy. HAMMER HORROR shows up to tell A24 they can still do arthouse horror. 

Wow welcome to Spooky-tober once again our theme is Stephen King. We talk the titular and influential Stand By Me. The main event of this weekend is to see if JOKER is buck wild or not. Wouldn't be spooky-tober without a Conjuring Universe film, so we bring you the third and hopefully final Annabelle movie. We love Aja so let's talk monster movie with CRAWL. 

Wow such a treat when Chadley decides not to show up for the record session. I got some fresh Festival Content, and some fresh Bradley Pitt for ya. That real slow burner content. We also finally finish off Universal Monsters just in time for Spooky-Tober. To date probably the best solo episode I've recorded, NO EDITS. 

First recap of CIFF 2019, talking about some festival darlings. Getting a hitter from the great master Ken Loach, Sorry We Missed You. A fresh American New Cinema with the low key tale of Driveways. Two Canadian flicks with White Lie and James vs His Future-Self.

With the Calgary International Film Festival in full swing, we still bring you a fresh af episode. We're talking The Goldfinch if you can stay awake from how sleepy and accurately we describe the pains of watching such a film. Fred Durst made a movie and not only is it wildly offensive, but extremely buck wild. Speaking of BUCK WILD, we also got a Dennis Quaid movie that is also bananas. It wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic Podcast without some Universal monsters. 2 WEEKS left of Universal and we have Abbott and Costello meet The Mummy.

The boys back in the studio for some fresh pod, and that's right it's the horror event of the year and it's not even in Spooky-tober, It's IT Chapter 2. Adam Sandler still makes netflix movies for some reason so we still will watch them for some reason. Shout out to Chadley for making us watch a Rebel Wilson movie fro some reason, I needed some encouragement to leap off a building. It wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic Podcast episode with out some Universal Monsters so we hit some Revenge of the Creature.

Solobolo Wednesday pod talking a brand new advanced screening of Hustlers. Give J Lo an Oscar. Chadley didn't want to show up so you don't get him. We are also talking some Screeners that were sent to us. We got the follow up to the worst movie we've ever reviewed NIGHT, with URBAN FEAR. Tricoast sends us another screener for Hate Crime, and it wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic Podcast with some Universal Monster. 

Chadley's second week back and he's still making me watch terrible movies like The VelociPastor. We also talk fresh music movie Blinded By The Light. The only film we missed at CUFF Peter Stricklands In Fabric. It wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic episode without a Universal Monsters, finally we get to The Creature. 

Look what the cat dragged in it's Chadley J Fox. AFTER NINE SOLD OUT SOLO EPISODE, the Chad has come BACK! The boys be talking, talking , talking. GOOD BOYS, and fresh BONG. We also got a Netflix Original from Marlon Wayans and friends. It wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic episode with out some Universal Monsters so we got some fresh Abbott and Costello. 

Sunday Funday we got a fresh episode. The wildest double feature of all with A24's new hit The Farewell, and Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw full title please. It's not Doc March but I wanted to talk about the new baseball doping doc called Screwball. It wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic episode with out a Universal Monster and we have Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein the first of the comedies. 

Beep Beep it's a new episode, get it while it's hot. We diving into more live action Disney but actually pretty much animation with the new version of The Lion King. Let's watch a reboot/sequel that thinks it's a good idea to replace Will Smith like he's common garbage - it's Men In Black International. Wouldn't be a Movie Epidemic Podcast without some Universal Monsters, so suckle on some She-Wolf of London. 

After a refreshing long weekend, I'll drop a treat on ya kids. Talking fresh Tarantino, the ninth film. Maybe the worst Tarantino? Find out inside. We also talk this new Danny Boyle Beatles flick, and it wouldn't be the Movie Epidemic Pod without Universal Monsters. We got the whole gang in House of Dracula

We wave goodbye to Jean-Claude Van Damme July with his self title album JCVD, we also wave goodbye to John Lasseter with Toy Story 4. You know the Universal Monsters roll on with one more terrible Mummy movie. 

Look at that it's episode 5 of the solo Buck hours, once again talking A24 with The Last Black man in San Francisco. A24 rarely disappoints. JCVD July continues with SUDDEN DEATH, the greatest Die Hard in a Hockey Rink action thriller there is. Never forget the Universal Monsters with  House of Frankenstein, the true monster team, almost like a dark universe of monsters. 

That's right baby it's episode 4 of the Buck Solo Hour, actually released on the correct day! Finally it's Marvel time again, I get to be mad at the mediocrity. JCVD July continues with a film he's hardly in. Universal Monsters making me watch another terrible Mummy flick. 

Episode 3 of the Buck Solo Hour. We cover the new Ari Aster film that has the film school kids losing their collective mind. That's right it's Midsommar. We also continue JCVD July with 2001's Replicant. Universal Monsters Retrospective roles on with The Invisible Man's Revenge. 

Episode 2 of the Buck Hollywood Hour, incredibly stoned film ramblings. Buck attends a secret screening and it wasn't Midsommer, but a Marc Maron improv movie. July is for JCVD we start our journey with 1997's Double Team featuring Dennis Rodman. You know we getting in on that universal monsters swag with Son of Dracula. 

Buck's first try at the solo pod, hopefully it will get better! He covers the newest X-Men trash heap, the newest Harmony Korine trash heap, the newest Shaft trash heap. Lot of trash. Get your syllabus ready because summer school is in session. Professor Buck dives into all 5 Shaft movies! Wouldn't leave you hanging on the Universal Monsters Retrospective, that's in there too. 

Chadley is leaving the podcast so enjoy this slop you little piggies because you're about to go to film school.

One last ride we talk Jim Jarmusch and his new nonsense. A fresh netflix romcom, and an old underseen gem. We also continue the Universal Monsters Retrospective with the first monster team up Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. 

B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets, we got the Elton John Legend biopic on deck, Dexter Fletcher sure has a brand. We also talk the movie if the summer I guarantee you didn't see, Bad Superman, he's mean, he's nasty, it's Brigthburn. Netflix original The Perfection to see some stump action, and the Universal Monsters Retrospective rolls on with some Mummy movie that is the same as all the other Mummy movies. 

Double feature summer blockbusters LONG LIVE THE KING baby we got GODZILLA King of Monsters. We also dip into the latest Disney live action, ALADDIN! Mads Mikkelsen struggling to stay alive in ARCTIC, and Isabelle Huppert icy stare in GRETA! The Universal Monsters Retrospective roles on with INVISIBLE AGENT some classic war time propaganda. 

Chadley is excommunicado from his bad movie picks. Don't miss this episode we we brought the people Ratburn and also a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop kicked. Talking Jonathan Wick Chapter 3 the baba yaga is at his old tricks again. Wouldn't be a party with out some Netflix trash. HOW ABOUT the second highest grossing Chinese film of all time? We got that. UNIVERSAL MONSTERS? Don't worry we got a retrospective with The Ghost of Frankenstein. 

Jam packed episode today with two trips to the cinema for Olivia Wildes debut BOOKSMART, and some weird TOLKIEN Biopic! We also dive into the works of S. Craig Zahler in the new Mel Gibson / Vince Vaughn vehicle DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE. Wouldn't be a movie epidemic episode with out the new Netflix trash, we got the impossibly long titled BEEFY TED BUNDY biopic. Now now don't fret my wee children, we still managed to get the Universal Monsters Retrospective with THE WOLF MAN.

The bad boys of film reviews are back talking about a kids movie starring a mouse detective! Grandpa Clint is in for one last ride *single piano note*. Chadley made us watch a Beyonce concert and is trying to pass it off as a film. The Universal Monsters Retrospective really heats up this week with some diversity, in more than one way! 

The boys stay away from the theater after taking in 20 films last week. A little film festival coo down with a Steve Carell double feature Welcome to Marwen and Beautiful Boy. Back into netflix originals with Chiwetel Ejiofor directorial debut The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. We wouldn't leave you without an addition to the Universal Monsters Retrospective, back in Mummy country, with The Mummys Hand. 

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