That's a wrap! The boy finish there coverage of the Calgary International Film Festival with a variety of wierd stuff. Hope you Lars Heads are ready becuase we cover the new THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. We also hit a cool doc about blues music with SATAN AND ADAM. We find out if New Zealand is a real place in MEGA TIME SQUAD. Buck was tricked once again into watching a shitty David Robert Mitchell movie called UNDER THE SILVER LAKE. We also cover the wierd a wonderful LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT which has an abrupt 50 minute unintrupeted shot that makes you put on 3D glass mid way through the film. 

The second Nic Cagisode of the year, a mere 2 months from the last one. The boys are completely delrious during this late night record session and lots of shitty guests pop in. We talk some canadian movie THE HUMANITY BUREAU, a Bates Motel rip off LOOKING GLASS, and the main event MANDY. Don't worry we didn't forget about Stephen King, we got SILVER BULLET on deck. 

What is this? A day of Soldado????

Welcome to mostly DTV week where we hit new classics Dave Bautistias Final Score and Deep Blue Sea 2: Deeper Bluer.

The Stephen King Marathon runs on with CUJO!

The lads talk Calgary Film festival. In-depth review of SuperGrid, and touch upon various other film picks Assassination Nation, Sharkwater Extinction, Cold War and The Ranger. 

Dropping an extra special episode this week as we canvas our way through the trailers for the Calgary Internationl Film Festival. That's right the boys are ALL IN and you can be too if you head on over to 

We got ourselfs working a Kevin Spacey Boy Party, certinly divining into God's Extended universe, and watching a Gerard Butler action movie where he's decided to give up. Don't worry the road to spooky-tober rolls on with more Stephen King with Issac and The Children of the Corn. WOW jammed packed. 

The boys record a really early podcast for some reason. Buck Remembers to turn on his mic this episode. Stephen King movies keep rolling with Brian DePalmas Carrie. We also hit TAG, Tully, and probably the front runner for Doc Won't you be my Neighbour? 

The one where Morgan Freeman MOWS down aliens begging for their lives. The boys not only watch some wild stephen King movie, but also wrap up the Sharknado franchise, and hopfully the Oceans franchise. Who else shows up you ask? Possibly shitty John Knoxville, and shitty Markus Walhberg???? 

OH NO spooky-tober has begun, that's right it's Stephen King again. We also talk new Scharder and Blumhouse. Boy these production logos are looking fine! Somebody STOP ME! lot of 5 stars on this ep.

Introducing special guest "Shitty Nic Cage". The boys spend more time analyzing the production company logos than the actual movie, and they somehow bring this madness to 90 minutes. 

The lads get are geting TOUGH, MEAN, BRUTAL on the last group of summer blockbusters. Point by point break down for The Meg. Jurassic World Part 2 chat. More Hobbit, and MISSION Impossible. UNDERMINEING the oscars and JIMMY GUNN. 

We got ourselves a Paul Ruddisode. Giddy up cow pokes, there's a lot of butt pokes in this episode. Let's wrangle on up some bad films and try not to slip into a coma partner! 

Party with the Jedis on ketamine. The boys are throwing down a  feature length commentary on one of the worst big budget films of this decade. gang gang. 

Action lads having a fun time running from explosions. I'M YOUR DAD, YOUR DAD, I'M YOUR DAD. The Rock and Drunk Uncle Denzel bless us with their screen time. Branded Content in here baby. LOTR is the first 7 star film? 

TAU TAU TAU. Coming of age more like huuunnngh. You're a mean one mister grinchy. DO NOT SUE US YOU BAST *SCREECH* *CRASH* *BANG* 

The Greatest Indoor Show on EARTH. BOY IT'S A HOT ONE. GOTTI 2 HOTTY. John Cena is a dad, Hereditary is a dad, scary bilbo is not a dad.

Toot Toot Han Solbo was shot with mud on the sucking lens. JON HAMMS BEIRUT. BEIRUT. BEIRUT BABY. FINALLY the Rock has COME BACK to RAMPAGE. The nightmare is over, we have finished the exorcist sequels. Tug that BIG POPPA PUMP. 

Clack Clack The Deathpool King has arrived. Them boy talking a lot of horror with some freshy SODERBERG shot on an iphone 5. Blasting through some Strangers. How many more Exorcist movies will we be forced to watch? All of this is tottatly reasonable. Walton Goggins smells SOUR! 

Boys talking boys talking boys talking bad bad bad films. Bruce Willy and Eli Roth pushing some sludge out of their tight holes. Disney movies might just be tax write offs at this point. John Woo made a tribute to John Woo movies. The DOVES are back baby. Is Exorcist 3 a good sequel? This super sized episode is extra BUCK!

This is a completely BUCK episode. Lads on deck screaming about Deadpool, Fahrenheit 451, and The Exorcist 2, but merely whispering about A Quiet Place. Please use his full name Michael Basketball Jordan. Michael Shannon is good at singing Iggy Pop. Where did you get this graffiti? I WANNA BURN. How is Johnny K gonna make a 5 star film, that's insane! Please buckle in your seat belt that you had installed on a lawn chair. That's my KUNG FU! Chadley is requesting a lawyer for when he got gov'd on this pod.

BONUS EPISODE: The last recorded episode of Trek Epidemic before the summer series is rolled out! 

The cheeky donkeys are talking new Jason Batmen comedies, FRESH DADDY NEESON, and one of the finest horror films ever crafted. 

Chadley was missing but he has been found. We talking Wakanda, more Indiana Jones, Sandler Netflix, Clint Eastwood and his love of 9/11 imagery, and a 50th anniversary screening of The Great Silence. 

Black Panther / 15:17 to Paris / The Week Of / Kingdom of the Crystal Skull / Great Silence

BONUS EPISODE: Chaldey is missing. So have a classic episode from the vault in place of a real episode this week. 

Buckle up this is feature length. We talk Russo mess ans memes, and draft avengers. Some other 2018 flicks, and The Last Crusade.

These two complete morons talk about Horror movies. Lycan Lawman strikes again. We also talk Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom, you know, the bad one. 

BONUS EPISODE. Dr Hardner J and Buck talk some Star Trek the animated series. 

Boys in the new studio chatting some Super Troopers 1 and 2. Finish off the Fifty Shades half star trilogy, and start a new classic series.

The boys taking about some hashtag branded content. Real life nightmares.

The boys are talking Netflix again and some KENNETH. The young prince of sci-fi Alex Garlend brings us another stunning masterpiece to chat about.

been while, oscars are over let's watch some netflix trash

BONUS EPISODE: Enjoy a fun bonus episode from the vault. Dr J Hard and Buck Hollywood the Duke talk Khan.

BONUS CONTENT > Dropping a little extra this week from the vault.

The freewayt o the oscars rolls on with no end in sight.

BONUS CONTENT> Hot from the vault, the very first episode of the FIRST failed movie epidemic spinoff. Are y'all horned up for Riverdale Epidemic?

The boys favorite movie of all time and it's new sequel probably deserves it's own episode.

The freeway to the Oscars continues right here on the information superhighway

The boys take on a record breaking 8 animated films, and it gets heated.

Freeway to the Oscars continues, and we are only a few miles outside Ebbing, Missouri, stop in stay awhile!

FREEWAY to the oscars begins. two oceans 18. CATCHPHRASES and stuff!

The GRIM BOYS drafting death like it's sweet sweet candy

RIAN JOHNSON IS A DESPICABLE MAN. christmas jingling ting ting tinglying

Chadley won't shut the fuck up! Pre-christmas chat show, Talking movie news, Spy flicks, and a whole lot of trailer trash.

It's super hero season and the boys are ready to scream. Justice League, Thor Ragnarok and top 5 superheroes of the year.

the boys are back in town. playing with your gravy emotions.

On this massive Halloween Special the boy go to a 12 hour horror film festival. We talk Stephen King with the new 1922 and our all time fav The Shining. We also talk Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and the new Leatherface flick. The fun don't stop there because we also talking Fright Night, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, and Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master.

Them boys talk spooky-tober flicks. Sweet boy McG has a new movie but still no real name. The conjuring is the horror marvel universe.

Couple of really fat Jay Lenos on a couch, lil gravey babies and a kitten distraction. 

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