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been while, oscars are over let's watch some netflix trash

BONUS EPISODE: Enjoy a fun bonus episode from the vault. Dr J Hard and Buck Hollywood the Duke talk Khan.

Freeway to the oscars concludes.

BONUS CONTENT > Dropping a little extra this week from the vault.

The freewayt o the oscars rolls on with no end in sight.

BONUS CONTENT> Hot from the vault, the very first episode of the FIRST failed movie epidemic spinoff. Are y'all horned up for Riverdale Epidemic?

The boys favorite movie of all time and it's new sequel probably deserves it's own episode.

The freeway to the Oscars continues right here on the information superhighway

The boys take on a record breaking 8 animated films, and it gets heated.

Freeway to the Oscars continues, and we are only a few miles outside Ebbing, Missouri, stop in stay awhile!

FREEWAY to the oscars begins. two oceans 18. CATCHPHRASES and stuff!

The GRIM BOYS drafting death like it's sweet sweet candy

RIAN JOHNSON IS A DESPICABLE MAN. christmas jingling ting ting tinglying

Chadley won't shut the fuck up! Pre-christmas chat show, Talking movie news, Spy flicks, and a whole lot of trailer trash.

It's super hero season and the boys are ready to scream. Justice League, Thor Ragnarok and top 5 superheroes of the year.

the boys are back in town. playing with your gravy emotions.

On this massive Halloween Special the boy go to a 12 hour horror film festival. We talk Stephen King with the new 1922 and our all time fav The Shining. We also talk Texas Chainsaw...

Them boys talk spooky-tober flicks. Sweet boy McG has a new movie but still no real name. The conjuring is the horror marvel universe.

Couple of really fat Jay Lenos on a couch, lil gravey babies and a kitten distraction. 

Spooky-tober 2017 continues. We talk new Child's Play, cheap looking body horror, and more Stephen King.

Spooky-tober officially begins with a double dose of Stevey King and our boi Johnny Galecki who keeps getting cast as nerds even though he looks like he's probably not very smart.

Ain't cage-holla back girl. It's the Nic Cagisode #2. Talking 2 of his many 2017 releases, and as always a Stephen King flick for flavor.

Them boys commentate the assassins creed film. Queue up that netflix lads and lasses this is gonna be wild.

Them boys talking about Kumail, new netflix original and more Stephen King.

Them boys talking IT and Dead Zone double Stevey King day, we also pop off the worst movie of all time Transformers the Last Knight.

A very long, very drunk affair. 

MAMA MIA welcome to the movie epidemic podcast the only movie podcast where the hosts are thrashed on painkillers and try to hide it! On today's show we talking Goon, Netflix Origi...

The dog days of summer come to a close with the Movie Epidemic special BEACH PARTY extravaganza.

Whatchu know about Thing Thing? The boys talk British period pieces. You can almost see it from here. HOME.

The boys celebrate 3 years of movie podcasts! We talk Jimmy Gunns new marvel offering and get to hear about Amy Schumer vagina. In this very special Kurt Russelsode we also talk...

No joke we are talking about Amazing Spider-Man 2 again on the podcast. We also talk to new monkey movie and Tommy Cruise in The Mummy.

The show is back on the new channel! New studio, new Movies! Today the boys catch up and talk Mallick, Tom Hanks and more Spider-Man.

BABY! The lads talking the BEST Spider-Man film, and the new netflix Orginal! 

Lads about to scream about blockbusters and art house

spooderman is a superhero masterpiece. James Gunn has a few friends.

The boys are talking new movies because apparently Chadley finally went to the cinema.

The boys have a real drunk podcast taking Power Rangers, Free Fire and Promethus. 

I have buried so many Batmans. We talking Life/Alien and T2 baby.

Big papa Pitt making a netflix original. Big papa Dehann is not a leading man.

Yeet boys talking Sequels. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Aliens and Johnny boy Wick part 2.

Hey kids do you like violence? The boys talk the best batman movie of the decade? Fast F A M I L Y and watch the original ALIEN.

The boys talking Beauty and the Beast with an Animated Disney DRAFT! They also tackle Table 19 and more Pirates. Don't @ me.

Today the boys are talking hipster kaiju, Ice Cube going 100% and more Pirates.

The boys talking Major, Ghost in a robot or something, RUSSIAN superheros, and Pirates. FLASH!

The boys are back in town talking the legendary LOGAN, Jordan Peeles GET OUT and we start talking about Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

The boys talking film. Zombies, Wolfs, and Sandler oh my!

We on the film festival circuit with The Adam Driver as a bus driver, and a Korean Zombie flick. We also talk X-Men with the one that made X-men great again.

Good Friday Podcast, the boys talking Resident Evil. Is it really The Final Chapter? We talking teen lover story in space and the WORST X-men film on the road to LOGAN.

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