One of Kreyg's favourite episode, everybody loves a Q episode!

Should we bring back Kreyg next week? This week we are talking The Battle a classic Ferengi episode, will it be an unprofitable venture? Oh no Picard has headaches! Visit Kreyg over at

Hey it's #StarTrekDay here is a bonus episode of our podcast Trek Epidemic

Wesley oh Wesley, you absolutely do not bang and will never bang even on the Caligula planet. If only they would have taken mercy on us and execute you Wesley with grace. We talk Justice, with Dr J Hard, and Kreyg from

We got a Lizard Man, We got a Dog Man, but who will eat who? That's right it's the Lonely Among Us where a bunch of wild force lightning rips through the Enterprise like Covid in a nursing home!

The Lower Decks episode was so successful we're back for more! In this episode we soften up to the idea that Star Trek will never be Star Trek ever again and that's something we will just have to deal with on a personal level! 

This is an emergency broadcast featuring talk about the brand new Trek Series, Lower Decks! Kreyg gets a little riled up this episode, but maybe he will soften to the show! Jordan had very little sleep last night, and Buck is yelling as usual!

Out of the vault this is the very first episode with Kreyg, who continues to be a shining light on the show! Watch his stream over at Today we are talking Where No One Has Gone Before the one where Wesley nearly gets molestered by a Traveler.

Another Friday another episode of Trek Epidemic! On today's show Dr. Jordan and Buck get their first encounter with the Ferengi! These little guys are very funny, and hate that human women are clothed! Disgusting!


Every Friday Buck and the gang talk Star Trek the Next Generation! This week we got the second episode and homage to an older TOS episode, The Naked Now! See the video on our youtube channel or

Coming out of the Patreon Vault, Trek Epidemic is going free to play! Welcome to the main feed my sweet, sweet show that will never be cancelled. 

Covid kills another business! Every Friday you can catch us talking Trek on the podcast feed and youtube channel. 

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