Chadley is missing, Buck does a classic solo Doc Recaps. But it's okay because Chadley was mysteriously missing from the festival. We cover Where In The Hell Is The Lavender House: The Longmont Potion Castle Story, never call your doc that ever ever ever. Second we talk Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man, lot of shitting outside. All good we finally got to talk Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. The best doc of the year is clearly J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius.

The boys cover a couple flicks that will be showing at the upcoming CUFF DOCS film festival. The Amazing Johnathan Documentary or the other doc on this strange washed up magician that may be addicted to meth. Also cover QT8 the doc on the first eight films of the legendary Quentin Tarantino.

Welcome to the Wednesday Show, the best show that has no Chadley. Today we recap the Calgary International Film Festival Documentaries. Well the 3 that I saw. 3 people I have immense respect for; Miles Davis, Danny Trejo and Agnes Varda. 

The Horror Recap for the 20th annual Calgary International Film Festival. We light up Spooky-tober with reviews on local horror flicks Z and True Fiction, as well the first Aboriginal Zombie movie Blood Quantum. We also hit Elijah Woods horror comedy Come to Daddy. HAMMER HORROR shows up to tell A24 they can still do arthouse horror. 

Wow such a treat when Chadley decides not to show up for the record session. I got some fresh Festival Content, and some fresh Bradley Pitt for ya. That real slow burner content. We also finally finish off Universal Monsters just in time for Spooky-Tober. To date probably the best solo episode I've recorded, NO EDITS. 

First recap of CIFF 2019, talking about some festival darlings. Getting a hitter from the great master Ken Loach, Sorry We Missed You. A fresh American New Cinema with the low key tale of Driveways. Two Canadian flicks with White Lie and James vs His Future-Self.

That's a wrap! Thanks for joining us on our journey through CUFF if you listened to one or all, we appreciate you. We chat about the bitter sweet ending and talk the two final movies. Harpoon a local production, and shhhhhh the secret screening. 

The big day is here 5 films, a 12 hour marathon. Starting off with a Claire Denis retrospective Beau Travail. We cover two Troma adjacent films Assassinaut and Mutant Blast, all hail Lloyd. We would never miss a fresh Rick Alverson movie especially one starring Goldblum. UWE BOLL says "Fuck You All" to the critics and fans alike, but he seems like an interesting man in the documentary about his life. 

As day 5 rolls around Chadley might as well be a bag of meat, because as I look at him he's clearly breaking down. Another full day of impressive films. Starting the day with Billy Senese's The Dead Center, basically a great Twilight Zone episode. Local film Red Letter Day. Maybe the most French movie ever made Knife + Heart. Capping off with a midnight showing of an Australian Horror Comedy Nekrotronic! Please listen. 

Yippie Ah eh, Boys boys boys this is the Baha Men speaking, please download our hit song Who Let the Dogs out. We also talk a strong contender for Doc of the year with Penny Lane's Hail Satan? Day four is killing us but we still manage to hit a divided film starring Walton Goggins as serpent preacher. 

The boys talk shorts and features today on the pod. Talking Superheros and Astronauts. Praise for some fresh faced directors doing exactly what you should when crafting a script. The most vulgar review possible for Claire Denis new movie High Life, because let's be honest, it's the space cum movie.  

Day 2 down and we got more film. A rare episode where Chadley is okay with Buck's long tangents to fill time. First up Roxanne Benjamin's Body at Brighton Rock, and the new masterpiece from Alexander Ross Perry... Her Smell. 

Boy talk Calgary underground Film Festival Night 1 and the opening film LITTLE MONSTERS. We also pad the run time and give new listeners a taste of the show with our experience at the pre-screening of The Curse of La Llorona and continue our Universal Monsters Retrospective with Son of Frankenstein. Tune in Everyday this week!

That's it for festival season this year gang. Boy are we covering a whole bunch we got Jack Black in The Insufferable Groo, alpha predators that are also soft in Wolves Unleashed, paper planes with MATANGI MAYA M.I.A., gender equality directed by a man in  This Changes Everything, the fucked up shit of The Cleaners.

The first CUFF.DOCS recap has arrived. We cover the ups and downs of the fest, arcade games, and olive oil. We talk 5/13 docs this week covering Mr. Fish, the Hal Ashby doc, Slam poetry in Don't Be Nice, and two extremely bad docs called Weed the People and Carmine Street Guitars. 

Bonus Episode: The boys doing some early coverage of Calgary's CUFF DOCS festival. Taking place Nov 28 to Dec 2! Come talk movies with us we will be there all week! Covering coming of age first time feature MINDING THE GAP. Environmental doc RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE, and dive into the strange world of Chinese live streaming with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF DESIRE. 

The boys recap the Calgary European Film Festival. Talking all sorts of culture, good movies, bad movies, all well shot movies. We cover a Norwegian kind of werewolf movie. An Italian crime comedy, a polish addiction movie, a Spanish slice of life, and finally a German monochrome biopic. 

That's a wrap! The boy finish there coverage of the Calgary International Film Festival with a variety of wierd stuff. Hope you Lars Heads are ready becuase we cover the new THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. We also hit a cool doc about blues music with SATAN AND ADAM. We find out if New Zealand is a real place in MEGA TIME SQUAD. Buck was tricked once again into watching a shitty David Robert Mitchell movie called UNDER THE SILVER LAKE. We also cover the wierd a wonderful LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT which has an abrupt 50 minute unintrupeted shot that makes you put on 3D glass mid way through the film. 

The lads talk Calgary Film festival. In-depth review of SuperGrid, and touch upon various other film picks Assassination Nation, Sharkwater Extinction, Cold War and The Ranger. 

Dropping an extra special episode this week as we canvas our way through the trailers for the Calgary Internationl Film Festival. That's right the boys are ALL IN and you can be too if you head on over to 

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